Personalized Customer Care at Canvas Host Personalized Customer Care at Canvas Host
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Our Most Important Service: Personalized Customer Care

Few Web hosts provide phone support. Those that do, treat you like a number and offer impersonal service.

Wouldn't you prefer a host that treats you as if you are the only person in the world that matters?

If you are reading this page, you may be considering signing up with us. Whether you are creating a new site or wanting to move your old site, you have questions and want to find out if Canvas Host is the right Web host for your needs.

These days, most customer service departments make you wait on hold endlessly. When they do answer the phone you are presented with a sterile, impersonal response. Worse, the support staff refer to you by Customer Number rather than your name.

Is this really support? It sure doesn't feel supportive.

Canvas Host is Different

Canvas Host makes a point of bringing a sense of humanity and humility to the process. Our support staff form the first line of contact for customers in need. They know their stuff and are very good at it. Most importantly, they genuinely care about the well-being of each and every person who calls.

To us, you are not a number or login ID. You are a customer and a member of the Canvas Host family. We care about your needs, and you might be surprised at the lengths we'll go to help you out each and every day. We've sat down face-to-face with many local customers who were delightedly astounded that we can and do provide this level of service.

This is what personalized support is all about. Human-to-human communication. Not a sterile call center in India filled with static noise in the background, but professional, caring support staff that understand the value of your time, appreciate the opportunity to serve you, and aren't afraid to show you their human side. Imagine that!

What Our Support Team Does

We understand no two customers are the same, nor are their technical needs. As every Support ticket is different, we approach the troubleshooting process the same way a doctor treats a patient. We listen to you explain the symptoms, and we begin researching possible causes.

For any issue, there are a myriad of possible reasons that may explain what caused the issue. Sometimes, a technical issue may take hours or even days to diagnose and resolve. If you've ever wondered why, look at the following diagram. It helps illustrate most of the major factors (but not all) that cause hosting and email service interruptions.

Navigating the maze of possible causes can be overwhelming, but our team has been trained to patiently analyze your situation to best serve you. Once we know the cause of the issue, it's a straight forward approach to resolve the matter and get you on your way!

It's all part of our commitment to provide you the best in personalized customer care.


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