Announcing our re-designed, mobile-responsive website

After weeks of development, our re-designed website is live. It’s better organized, and with a mobile-responsive, friendlier interface. The new site prioritizes our service offerings, and includes a new section on the latest top-level domains available for registration. The mobile-responsive website layout automatically re-scales, depending on your web browser’s screen size, and automatically converts to a mobile-friendly layout when viewed on a tablet or smart phone.

We love the new layout. Nevertheless, I’m feeling a bit nostalgic.

For more than 15 years, our website has been maintained in-house with home-built code. A quick stop at the Wayback Machine shows a very old look from when we were first getting started. In those days, ColdFusion on Windows was our development toolkit of choice. And yet, if you look closely at the old homepage, you’ll see references to “WAP”. It stands for “Wireless Application Protocol”, and it was the Internet’s first stab at mobile-friendly web interfaces.

I’ll never forget my first WAP-enabled smart phone, an ancient AT&T device I bought in the year 2000 that weighed 9 ounces and had a tiny, Nintendo Gameboy-esque LCD screen. Large “soft keys” enabled pre-scripted navigation between “cards” on a “deck” — the WAP equivalent of a mobile website.

In those days, the future of mobile connectivity was exploding in Europe, and our Canvas Dreams Publishing System (known as the CPS) — which predated WordPress by a good seven years — auto-published content to both our corporate website, as well as a mobile-friendly set of templates. If you called up our domain in your phone, our website would detect the fact you were using a mobile device and redirect you automatically.

The CPS survived a 2002 re-write of our website from ColdFusion into PHP. Even as WordPress came into being, followed by numerous other content management systems (CMS), we held constant with the old codebase. What you may not know is, up until the start of this month — July 2014 — our website was still managed using that old CPS. :)

So, why the re-write?

We’ve expanded our offerings to include WordPress maintenance and development services, so it’s only fair that our website join the rest of the CMS community. We also wanted a site that is adaptable to the hundreds of devices our customers use to access our website and Support system. Finally, we felt it was time for a change. Change isn’t always a bad thing, if in doing so it facilitates growth.

On behalf of Canvas Host, I welcome you to our new site. Browse it, look at it on your phone. Try scaling your browser and watch as it dynamically scales down. See a bug? Let us know! We hope you find the new interface friendly, the information useful, and your experience a positive one.

Thank you,

David Anderson

Announcing dozens of new TLDs

There’s never been a better time to find the right top-level domain (TLD). We’re now offering dozens of new domain extensions. A complete list can be found on our newly redesigned website:

The new TLDs are organized into theme categories: Arts & Entertainment, Business, Identify, Lifestyle, Real Estate, Services, Technology, and Travel.

A sampling of these special domain extensions includes: .COOL, .INK, .BUZZ, .COFFEE, .FISH, .BUILD, .LAND, TOOLS., .EMAIL, and .SOLAR.

In the coming months, dozens more extensions are slated to be released. We invite you to check in regularly with our new TLD section of our website to learn more about all of the great domain extensions available.

Small is more: Our newest mini server

Whoever said, “size matters”, never ran a web hosting company.

Just take a look at our latest mini/green web server design:


Measuring in at about 4.5″ square, this mini server uses the Intel NUC chassis, boasts an i3 CPU (a hyperthreaded dual-core) with 16GB RAM, a 120GB SSD drive for the operating system, and a 500GB mini laptop drive for data management. The server can boot in less than 2 seconds, and under load pulls no more than 0.2 Amps 120VAC. It’s less power than our previous mini green server, with about 20x the processing capacity.

Now the back story. We rate web servers by several benchmarks:

  • Computing power and speed, as it affects a website’s performance. For web servers, size is inversely proportional to computing power. A smaller CPU means transistors and logical paths are closer together, which means calculations take less time to complete.
  • Electricity consumption, as it relates to resource usage and sustainability. In our sustainability program, one of the most important metrics is how much electricity is used by a web server. Though we offset electricity use through locally-produced renewable energy credits (RECs), we want to limit our impact as much as possible. A smaller server requires less electricity to run, generates less heat, and is more efficient to cool.
  • Price for hardware, as it directly influences server lease prices. Smaller price tags mean we can build more servers for the same price, and pass the savings on to you. Though this design doesn’t feature RAID1 redundant storage, the hard drive in this server is guaranteed for 10 years, and we offer optional external USB backup to prevent data loss.

To put the server through the ultimate benchmark tests, we loaded it up with — you guessed it — Minecraft. :)

Thanks in part to our staff’s youngest family members, who have all graciously volunteered their time, the server is holding up and our testing pool is all reporting great results! As tests continue, we’ll report back in.


David Anderson

A Successful Green Drinks with SOS Kate Brown


Tuesday night’s Green Drinks event was an evening filled with information, conversation, and fun! The focus was on B Corp and the benefit company legislation in Oregon. The event was held at the Oregon Public House in Northeast Portland. The Oregon Public House is the first non-profit pub that donates 100% of its net profits to a couple local charities. There is not a better way to spend a Tuesday evening than drinking delicious microbrews while supporting local charities and sustainability in Oregon!

We had many wonderful guests in attendance last night. Oregon’s Secretary of State Kate Brown came to talk about the benefit company legislation in Oregon and her support of a progressive and sustainable Oregon, as well as a little nod to her love and devotion to recycling. Justin Yuen, president of FMYI, also joined us to share his experience as a B Corp. In addition we had a few other benefit companies and B Corps in attendance that were able to share their stories and help to answer questions.

As the community of small, sustainable, local, and benefit companies grow it is important to join together and support each other in our collective goal of a better Oregon and a better world. Getting involved in any way to help advocate for these businesses is extremely important and effective, even if it is as simple as attending a Green Drinks event every month or buying a beer (or a few) at the Oregon Public House.

Green Drinks is held the first Tuesday of every month and is a great opportunity for networking, learning, and fostering a strong community of individuals and businesses devoted to positive change. We hope to have everyone join us next month at the Ecotrust building in downtown Portland on the first of July!

We would like to thank all of our speakers and everyone in attendance. We hope you had as much fun as we did!

Kate Brown with certified B corporations and registered Oregon benefit companies.

David Anderson is a board member of the VOIS Business Alliance and helps organize monthly Green Drinks events. If you would like to learn more about Green Drinks or the VOIS Business Alliance, please visit the VOIS website.

Announcing our newest top-level-domains (TLDs)

We’re thrilled to offer the latest top-level domains (TLDs) for open registration! How .COOL are you? Are you a coding.NINJA? What’s your favorite kind of .COFFEE? :)

Our new TLDs are competitively priced and offer an expansive range of options for unique website branding.

.BEST – $99.95/yr
.BIKE – $34.95/yr
.BUZZ – $39.95/yr
.CLUB – $19.95/yr
.COFFEE – $34.95/yr
.COOL – $34.95/yr
.EMAIL – $24.95/yr
.GURU – $34.95/yr
.LINK – $14.95/yr
.MENU – $49.95/yr
.NINJA – $24.95/yr
.SEXY – $24.95/yr
.SOCIAL – $34.95/yr
.TIPS – $24.95/yr
.XYZ – $14.95/yr

For complete domain (TLD) pricing, please visit our website.