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Green Drinks returns this Fall 2016!

Hi Green Drinkers,

We want to update you on some things. We’ve taken a few months off and put some feelers out in the Portland and Westside communities for how best to restart Green Drinks this fall.

We’re making a few changes to the organization of Green Drinks, thanks in part to the excellent feedback we received from attendees. We’re here to address those changes, and some things we are keeping the same, and how they will affect the two events we have been holding each month.

1. Instead of two Green Drinks events each month, we will scale back to just one. We will also alternate each month between Portland and Westside Green Drinks. This means we’ll hold at most, six Portland Green Drinks, and six Westside Green Drinks each year. We aim to help build up interest and participation in the events. As much as we love to put these on, we felt the two-each-month cycle was diluting the effectiveness and importance of the events. So, we’ll have more time now to organize and promote the events.

2. Attendance fees will remain $5 per person. Some of the feedback we received questioned why we charge $5 to attend events. Considerable time and cost goes into planning and promoting Green Drinks events. For those attending Westside events, we provide food and beverages at BestHQ. And for some events, rental fees do apply, especially for larger turnouts that require renting a full-room, private space. As much as we support the spirit of a sharing economy, the fact is that we cannot put on these events for free. We can however improve the experience. This leads to our next items…

3. Speaker and presenter microphones. Some events are well attended and feedback indicates it is sometimes hard to hear the speakers. Therefore, we have purchased a portable speaker and wireless mic setup to help with this! It should make a big difference.

4. Raffle prizes! This is an area we hope to give back. Portland Cider House is still excited to offer up their space, and as we’ve seen with some other Green Drinks events in the Northwest, raffle prizes are fun! All attendees will receive a raffle ticket and depending on the location and event, we will have a variety of prizes to give out. While we cannot give out “free” alcoholic beverages, we certainly can raffle off an empty growler and some cash to help fill it, as an example. Also…

5. Sponsorship opportunities! This is an area we are opening up for outside interest. While PDX and Westside Green Drinks is officially organized and managed by Canvas Host, we don’t want to take all the fun. So if you’re a local company that would love some exposure in front of a fantastic audience of green, well-educated, caring folks — yes, that is us giving you all a big shout-out — then please contact us at info@pdxgreendrinks.org. If you have items that you think would make great raffle prizes, we’d love to hear about them. All sponsors will be given 5-10 minutes to talk about their services and products, during the Green Drinks event they are sponsoring. And finally…

6. First Wednesday of each month. This is the day we will hold future Green Drinks events, whether PDX or Westside. We will alternate, again, every other month. So look for the return of PDX Green Drinks in October, Westside Green Drinks in November, and so forth.

We appreciate all the time and attention you provided us with your feedback. If you are interested in presenting, sponsoring, or assisting in Green Drinks, please do reach out. And, thanks again for your interest!

Join Canvas Host at the 2016 Beaverton Relay For Life


Are you ready to have fun and fight cancer at the same time? Join Canvas Host at this weekend’s Relay For Life of Beaverton, an event organized through the American Cancer Society.

Cancer never sleeps, so neither will we. For 18 hours, 20 teams and hundreds of volunteers will walk, jog, and run around a track as we raise awareness about cancer, and raise money for cancer research, and patient, survivor, and caregiver services.


July 22, 6:00pm to July 23, 12:00pm
Holy Trinity Catholic Church
13715 SW Walker Road
Beaverton, OR 97005

PLUS: We’re sponsoring bubble soccer. It’s safe, bouncy fun for all ages. Just $5 to play, and all proceeds go directly to our fundraising goal.

Please join us if you can! Together, we can help put a stop to cancer.


Our newest gTLD domains include .CLOUD, .PROMO. and .VOTE!

We’re thrilled to announce the latest gTLD domain options, now available for you to register!

.CLOUD – $24.95/year

The world of data storage and sharing was completely changed by the implementation of clouds. Now clouds are prevalent and ever-growing, meaning that .CLOUD is an important TLD because it is creating the namespace needed to house an expansive market. .CLOUD is perfect for storage hosting systems that specialize in music, photo, data, document, or web page sharing; for cloud reviewers and bloggers; or anyone who uses clouds on a daily basis either in business or privately.

.COURSES – $44.95/year

.COURSES is the online home for learning providers. Whether you’re a training provider, educational institution or supplier of educational materials, .COURSES is the quick, easy and memorable way to market your services online. .COURSES is the namespace for all those who enable others to learn.

.DATE – $34.95/year

Before the Internet, finding the perfect person meant looking in a local community of single people. Now people look all over the world, crossing cultural, political, and religious borders to find people they want to get to know. In order to facilitate online dating expansion in a safe and secure online network, .DATE provides a relevant and marketable TLD for all individuals, businesses, and organizations within the online dating community.

.DOWNLOAD – $34.95/year

Downloading has become a big part of how users obtain information, data, services, and software, but downloading comes with inherit risks, such as viruses, malware, and phishing. In an effort to reduce risks, .DOWNLOAD offers a relevant and easily identifiable namespace for the purpose of signifying safety to a user. .DOWNLOAD may be registered by any person, group, or organization, making this TLD an obtainable and flexible option for any type of download purpose.

.FAMILY – $24.95/year

Families provides support, love, safety, and social ties, and families aren’t just the people we grow with, but groups of friends, coworkers, and even others who share our passions. For every type of family, .FAMILY offers a creative, relevant, and flexible TLD option that may be registered by any individual, group, or business, for any reason. Use .FAMILY to create an online network to support the families you belong to, whether a corporate family, a charity family, or a family of loved ones and friends.

.EARTH – $24.95/year

Calling Earth “home” is one commonality every Internet user shares, and .EARTH can be used as a domain extension for any purpose meant to draw attention to the conservation, protection, or study of the planet. .EARTH is meant for advocates, designers, ecologists, biologists, architects, urban planners, bloggers, up-cycle specialists, DIY advocates, or any person or business interested in providing the means for other Internet users to live a greener, more sustainable lifestyle.

.GROUP – $24.95/year

There are many different types of groups, across all economic, public, and private sectors, and the .GROUP domain extension offers a unique moniker for all of them. Whether a volunteer, counseling, sports, business, charity, support, therapy, sewing, book, or cooking group, .GROUP can be used to personalize a domain name, gain visibility, and ease promotion with a built-in keyword. Use .GROUP to design a more memorable domain name.

.LOAN – $34.95/year

Loans help individuals all over the world go to college, buy cars and homes, persevere tough economic times, or even invest in new products or businesses. In order to create a go-to hub for loans online, .LOAN creates a viable, relevant, and targeted namespace for loan services, organizations that help consumers consolidate loans or choose loaning options responsibly, and review forums for consumers to discuss the best loan groups and practices, making this TLD as dynamic as loans themselves.

.LOVE – $34.95/year

.LOVE is in the air, and it’s also a TLD meant to help Internet users share their feelings online. .LOVE can be used for any purpose, whether as an addition to a current website to feature favorite products and services, or as a blog site, for writing about favorite hobbies or events. It can even be used as an e-commerce extension for businesses that focus on love-related products and services such as dating sites, floral arrangements, gift baskets, greeting and e-cards, and more.

.OOO – $34.95/year

The .OOO domain is a gTLD that can be used for all purposes. .OOO is a unique domain that is easier to type, offers a range of domain name options and is suitable for everyone ranging from individuals to businesses. .OOO is easy to remember, search engine friendly and hence, we believe that it is a natural choice for anyone who wants to own a domain name.

.PROMO – $24.95/year

Promotion an important tool for any successful business, and creating a smart promotion plan starts marketing the offer. With .PROMO, businesses have a relevant and targeting domain namespace to utilize in launching promotions. .PROMO can be used by businesses looking to establish new pages for promos by providing a TLD that signifies the content of the site, so when customers see yourbrand.PROMO, or yourcompany.PROMO, they know to click through for special offers.

.STORE – $74.95/year

When none of the industry-specific TLDS seem to fit a business, .STORE is the perfect solution. Presented as a broadly-defined retail market TLD, .STORE can be used by any business that is looking to expand an online presence with a more identifiable domain extension. Aside from business owners, .STORE can also be used by storage companies, data storage software developers, and bloggers who review different shopping outlets or alert other shoppers to promotions and sales.

.STYLE – $34.95/year

Style isn’t just being fashionable – every business, person, and group has a personal style, and whether an Internet user is looking for interior styling tips, how to write in a specific style, how to style hair for a special occasion, or how to use a specific musical style when recording, .STYLE provides a relevant and recognizable signpost during the search. .STYLE allows any individual, group, or business that follows trends, gives style advice, or defines style, to connect with their target demographic easier.

.VIP – $34.95/year

All business owners know that making someone feel important is one of the main keys to customer retention and conversion rates. Adding a .VIP page to a current webpage, offering exclusive deals and information, can show current customers how much they are appreciated while enticing new customers to become VIPs. .VIP is also perfect for companies that specialize in VIP service, such as limousine companies, nightclubs, concert venues, restaurants, tour guides, and more.

.THEATER – $49.95/year

.THEATRE introduces a new online experience for the theatre industry, providing a secure and reliable namespace for the members, performers, and businesses associated with the ballet, opera, live theatre, musicals, and other performing arts. .THEATRE can be used by any troupe, company, theatre, arts region, or business that provides services for the theatre industry. .THEATRE can also be used by reviewers, publications, and bloggers who write about theatre and its developments.

.VIN – $59.95/year

Online wine sales increased 38 percent in 2010, marking one of the first years wine successfully made the transition to e-commerce. Now, the online wine industry is quickly expanding as more and more consumers find value in purchasing good wine at bulk cost. .VIN is the perfect TLD for the wine industry because it creates a recognizable and relevant namespace for better networking and marketing for distributors, vineyards, wine shops, and bloggers focusing on advice and reviews.

.VOTE – $89.95/year

Voting isn’t just a means to elect government officials or decide which laws go into effect. Businesses, entertainment outlets, magazines, and other groups use polls, votes, and surveys to hook into their customer base, establish trends and patterns, and gauge their market. .VOTE provides a recognizable TLD that enables voters and pollsters by providing a domain namespace specific to the purpose of voting. .VOTE can be registered by any entity for any purpose, making it both functional and accessible.

.WINE – $59.95/year

There are over 27,000 winemakers in France alone. In the States, Oregon is home to almost 600 wineries. But despite the success of the wine industry, wine is more than just a market—it’s a culture. As an extension of that culture, .WINE provides a TLD meant to act as a virtual hub for the wine world, and is perfect for winemakers, vineyards, tasters, enthusiasts, collectors, reviewers, bloggers, magazines, glass makers, and connoisseurs alike.

Canvas Host Opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)


Have you heard of the Trans-Pacific Partnership? If not, don’t feel bad — that’s a big part of the problem with it.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a trade agreement between twelve Pacific Rim countries and which has received very little public awareness, and for good reason: If the general public knew much about TPP, there’s simply no way it would have gotten as far as it has.

For several years, the United States government, along with other countries, has fleshed out a 30-chapter trade agreement spanning almost 6,000-pages that claims to “enhance innovation and productivity”, “reduce poverty”, “promote transparency”, and “enhance labor and environmental protections.” However, the details point to business that would look nothing like those claims.

The extent of the TPP’s impacts are bewildering and dangerous; They grant greater power to corporations at the expense of private citizens’ rights and freedoms.

Why are we taking a stand on it?

Though some Internet service providers and web hosts have actively supported the TPP, Canvas Host opposes it for a simple reason.

In an age when the world needs transparency in business and triple-bottom-line accountability (people, planet, and profit), profit-only business has no place.

The TPP puts at risk Internet users’ freedoms and privacy; It is anything but fair, equitable, and accountable trade; And, it has no place in a world where increasingly, triple-bottom-line (people, planet, profit) thinking is needed over profit-only business.

Specific to the online world, which we tend to care quite a lot about, the TPP outlines intellectual property and copyright laws that shift the balance of protections away from public interest and private users, and place them in the hands of copyright holders, compelling draconian punishments even in the face of legitimate, legal, fair-use claims.

Worse, the provisions press Internet service providers to work with corporations to determine if users’ activities are infringing on corporations’ copyrights, at the expense of user privacy. It’s not too far removed from the way China’s “Great Firewall” continuously polices its citizens against accessing information the government deems unfit for consumption.

Where is legislation at right now?

While the United States government has in various ways both opposed and approved of this legislation, the ultimate outcome has sadly been approved at all levels, including the President, House of Representatives, and Senate, under a “Fast Track” provision of the 1974 Trade Act. The TPP was signed on February 4, 2016 by all twelve member countries.

The only thing remaining is for Congress to vote on the final bill this summer, or later this year.

What can you do about it?

With an upcoming Congressional vote on the final bill surrounding the TPP coming soon, there’s still time to act. Community engagement is a powerful way to get messages through to your elected representatives. The Trans-Pacific Partnership hasn’t been fully enacted.  We encourage you to get involved in stopping the TPP, by contacting your local Representatives and Senators:

Find Your Representative

Contact Your Senator

Additionally, MoveOn.org has an active petition that is nearing its 50,000-signature goal:

As an example of what you can post, here’s what I submitted today:


Where can I go to learn more about TPP?

Citizen.org’s TPP Analysis and Summary

Wikipedia’s page about the TPP:

Flush the TPP!

Flush the TPP Facebook page

Fair, equitable, and just business are things we and all B Corporations fight for. If you have additional information to share with us about developments surrounding the trade agreement, feel free to contact us, at sales [at] canvashost [dot] com.

We’ve Recertified Gold with Sustainability at Work PDX!

sustainability-at-work-pdxWe’re pleased to announce that Canvas Host has recertified Gold with Sustainability at Work PDX. This is the highest certification level achievable by Portland businesses through the program, and recognizes us for various steps we have taken in our sustainability program.

Highlights of our achievements include:

  • We design our own servers to maximize performance while minimizing electricity consumption throughout our fleet of web servers. All technology is purchased locally to support our community.
  • To offset our energy consumption, we purchase 27,000 kWH every month of renewable wind energy from local wind farms, through Renewable Energy Credits with Bonneville Environmental Foundation. This equates to 200% of their energy needs, which offsets not only our business, but also 15 Portland-area homes as well.
  • We are a certified B Corporation and Oregon Benefit Company, and are committed to responsible business practices. When making operating decisions, we take into account the impacts of all decisions on our staff, customers, community, and environment.
  • We organize two monthly Green Drinks events each month: One in Portland and one on the Westside. Green Drinks features educational speakers, and offers attendees a progressive space to network over topics of sustainability, environmental issues, and political developments of concern.
  • We aggressively recycle and have reduced our waste stream to near-zero by recycling additional, non-curbside items such as all plastics, styrofoam, metals and electronic waste.

Certification for many downtown Portland businesses can be challenging, as tenants of large buildings do not have direct control over critical building systems, such as water/sewer, waste management, and HVAC. We’ve worked with building management to gradually increase buy-in and deployment of energy-efficient and saving systems, and our own score is a result of some of these steps.

The certification process helps remind us all that we each play a role in helping green our city by refining our sustainability program, as well as helping others adopt these same principles.

For additional information on Sustainability at Work PDX, please visit their website, at:

To view our profile on the site, please visit: