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New Top-Level Domains and Special Domain Offers

To the hundreds of available top-level domains (TLDs), we’ve just added 17 more, and dozens more on the way soon. Do users trust the new TLDs? Yes! Now’s a great time to purchase a new domain, and take advantage of our special domain offers.

If the domain you really want is not available as a .COM, or if the COM/NET/BIZ space is so cluttered you’re concerned about brand confusion, then a new TLD may be the answer. You can now get away from .COMs entirely, and embrace a domain directly reflective of their business. For example, Canvas Host uses canvashost.com, but now you can also find us at http://canvas.host/. For domain names, simply point your browser to http://canvas.domains/.

With new TLDs come a myriad of ways to uniquely brand your business in a memorable way and propel you ahead of your competition. Coaches, consultants, lawyers, and dancers, just imagine: You can register a custom .COACH, .CONSULTING, .ATTORNEY, or .DANCE domain today!

Top-Level Domain
.CONSULTING $34.95 $9.95 (ends 11/20/2015)
.FIT -NEW! $34.95
.FOOTBALL -NEW! $24.95
.GREEN -NEW! $74.95
.HOST $99.95 $24.95 (ends 12/31/2015)
.LGBT -NEW! $49.95
.LOL $34.95 $9.95 (ends 12/31/2015)
.NEWS $24.95 $9.95 (ends 11/20/2015)
.ONLINE $49.95 $14.95 (ends 12/31/2015)
.RUN -NEW! $24.95
.SITE $34.95 $14.95 (ends 12/31/2015)
.SKI -NEW! $49.95
.SOCCER -NEW! $24.95
.SOCIAL $34.95 $9.95 (ends 11/20/2015)
.SPACE $14.95 $7.95 (ends 12/31/2015)
.TEAM -NEW! $34.95
.TECH $59.95 $29.95 (ends 12/31/2015)
.WEBSITE $29.95 $9.95 (ends 12/31/2015)

For a complete list of available TLDs and pricing, please visit http://canvas.domains/

Stephouse Networks Hosting Acquisition by Canvas Host

Portland, Oregon — Canvas Host, a Portland-based web hosting and domain registration service provider, today announced its web hosting acquisition of Stephouse Networks, a neighbor company at the Pittock Block, from which both companies operate. Stephouse Networks sought the acquisition to assist in their company’s continued focus on excellent, local wireless Internet services.

Tyler Booth, President of Stephouse Networks, said in an announcement to former customers:

“When I made the decision to sell off our web hosting accounts, my first and primary objective was to ensure that my valued customers were in good hands. We set out to locate a company with similar values in sustainability and a strong focus on customer service. And we found the perfect match. Stephouse has agreed to sell its web hosting and domain registration to Canvas Host, a local Portland provider that specializes in sustainable web hosting. You can expect to continue to receive the same level of great customer service and support from Canvas Host that you’ve come to rely on from Stephouse Networks.

“The decision to sell our web hosting and domain registration service was not an easy one, many of you have been dedicated clients for nearly 13 years, but we are confident that it is the right choice and we have selected the perfect new home for your hosting needs. Canvas Host is dedicated to sustainable web hosting, with the resources to help you grow your online presence. You can find out more information about them here.

“As for Stephouse, we’re still going strong and plan to focus 100% of our efforts on growing our wireless internet business to provide greater Internet coverage at faster speeds and competitive prices. We recently introduced gigabit service to certain areas of the Portland Metro, and we are constantly expanding our coverage area. If we can help you with high-speed internet for your home or business please let us know!”

David Anderson, Owner of Canvas Host, issued a similar statement, noting:

“Our company has worked diligently with Stephouse Networks over the past few months to ensure this hosting acquisition would be a good thing, primarily for the customers involved, but also both companies. It has been a real pleasure to get to know Tyler Booth and all of the staff at Stephouse Networks, and we look forward to continuing a relationship as our two companies are now poised to refer business to each other knowing our referrals will be in good hands.”

The hosting acquisition was completed on August 31, 2015. Financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed.

For information on Canvas Host’s sustainably-operating web hosting and domain registration service, please contact the Sales team at sales [at] canvashost [dot] com, or by calling 503.914.1118 x1.


Patching a (Real) Bug


My office is home to some bugs. Plastic bugs, that is. I keep a small stash of toys near my desk. You never know when they might come in handy. :)

This past Monday, a staff member informed me of an actual bug — a large cockroach — in a small garbage can in our Support room. It looks like the little guy had found his way into our office over the weekend and was looking for his next meal.

I covered the canister, and talked about a few ideas on how to help free the bug with my 9-year-old son, who was at the office with me for the day. He wanted to know as much as he could learn about it. I explained many people don’t like cockroaches because they think they are dirty, to which he replied, “Dad, it’s a bug. They live in poop.” He wasn’t put off by the bug in any way. He wanted to help it out. We settled on a goal of first moving the cockroach into a small, plastic container, and then releasing him outside by a tree or bush.

Later that afternoon, I coaxed the bug into a plastic cup. We exited the building and released the cockroach across the street in O’Bryant Square Park. I noted some hungry sparrows nearby, and shoed the bug under some leaves. My son understood that the cockroach might not survive. Yet he also knew there was a better chance in the park, than in an office.


Despite me handling a number of work tasks on a very busy Monday, saving that bug was on the top of my mind. The process reminded me that sometimes, the smallest detail can mean a lot, especially if you’re a bug. No matter how important the issue, its size is a matter of perspective, and so are every one of the issues we deal with each day.

– David Anderson

Announcing our new training room


There it is. All done.

Our new training room has taken several months to plan, construct, and prepare for what promises to be a business schedule: Training classes on a range of web topics, such as e-commerce, using WordPress, optimizing your website for search engines, and how to effectively use online marketing, as well as a full gamut of sessions on related industries: Business tune-ups, setting up POS terminals for in-house merchant transactions, and much more.

The training room has a great location for Portlands as it is located within our office, just two blocks from the Galleria MAX stop and feet from the 10th and Stark Streetcar stop. The room offers comfortable seating for up to 12 guests and 2 presenters; has 12 feet of premium whiteboard space; super fast wi-fi connectivity.


The chairs were obtained from a local, used-furniture dealer and refurbished with PDX airport-patterned fabric. The walls are decorated with paintings symbolic of Portland icons.

We’re working on organizing classes for customers and visitors alike, and are opening up the room for guest presenters. To inquire about availability, pricing, and partnership opportunities, please contact us at sales [at] canvashost [dot] com.

Thank you,

David Anderson, Owner

Canvas Host is now 200% wind energy offset!


Canvas Host is a huge supporter of renewable energy. For years, we have offset the carbon footprint of our business operations with locally-generated wind energy.

Through a continued partnership with Bonneville Environmental Foundation, we’re thrilled to announce an increase of our renewable wind energy offset to 200% of our energy footprint.

By increasing our purchase to 27,000kWh per month, this means that not only is our business 100% offset, but an extra 13,500kWh is being generated to benefit our local energy grid. This offset is equal to the footprint of 15 average-sized Portland-area homes.

This is just one way Canvas Host helps our community and make our home a little bit greener.

Thank you,

David Anderson