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Dedicated Server Plans

To handle your large Web sites, demanding Web applications or custom security needs, Canvas Host offers a range of dedicated server plans.

Our servers feature multiple CPUs, plenty of RAM, RAID 1 storage, guaranteed bandwidth, 24/7 monitoring and support, and are all powered by 100% renewable energy.

Our Dedicated Mini greener server line features ultra-efficient Intel® Atom CPUs that are Lead- and Halogen-free, draw less than 0.3Amps of electricity, generate almost zero heat, and significantly reduce manufacturing and packaging waste through a compact design, while delivering impressive performance!

  Dedicated Green Dedicated A Dedicated B Dedicated C
  Mini Hybrid Basic Advanced Basic Advanced Basic Advanced








CPU Profile Dual Core Dual Core Dual Core Dual Core Quad Core Quad Core Dual Quad Dual Quad
Hyperthreaded Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Performance Basic Faster Basic Faster Basic Faster Basic Faster
RAM 1GB 2GB 4GB 8GB 8GB 12GB 12GB 24GB
Disk Space (RAID1) 500GB 500GB 1TB 1TB 2TB 2TB 3TB 3TB
Monthly Bandwidth* 250GB 500GB 750GB 1000GB 1250GB 1500GB 1750GB 2000GB
IP Addresses 1 1 2 2 4 4 6 8
100Mbps Port
CentOS (Linux)
Root Access
Backup Available ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
24/7 Monitoring *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
24/7 Support *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
Lease Term 6 mos. 6 mos. 12 mos. 12 mos. 12 mos. 12 mos. 12 mos. 12 mos.
Setup Fee No Charge $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100

Optional Upgrades

Option Price per Month
Extra IP Address $3.00  
Extra Bandwidth per 250GB $50.00  
Dedicated Backup Space per GB ** $1.50  
cPanel/WHM Control Panel $35.00  
RV Site Builder (requires cPanel) $15.00  
Fantastico Script Library (requires cPanel) $10.00  
Advanced Server Management**** $200.00  

Additional Information

* Premium Redundant Bandwidth

Canvas Host offers premium Gigabit bandwidth through four major tier-1 upstream providers: AT&T, MCI, Sprint, and Level 3. This translates to incredibly fast access time, with redundant connections to guarantee accessibility. Unlike some providers that provide untiered/bulk or oversold bandwidth.

Bandwidth is measured in Megabits transferred per second, sampled every 5 minutes on the industry standard 95th Percentile. The top 5% of all traffic spikes are discounted, with the remaining 95% of all transfer used to calculate the average Mbps for the month. 1Mbps is roughly equal to 328 Gigabytes of data transferred over the course of one month. Depending on the traffic patterns of the web sites you host, the 95th Percentile reporting may be slightly higher or lower than your server's actual bandwidth usage.

** Data Backup

To facilitate management of your dedicated server, we offer optional dedicated backup space on our network.

*** 24/7 Monitoring with cPanel

We provide basic monitoring of cPanel dedicated servers using a variety of diagnostic and monitoring tools. Additional server monitoring is available through our Advanced Server Management option.

Basic support (remote and manual reboot; resetting root password) is provided for dedicated servers. Basic management and administration support is provided for cPanel-based servers. We do not automatically provide patches or updates to servers unless contracted through our Advanced Server Management option, as customers are ultimately reponsible for the health of their server.

**** Server Management

Optional server management gives you the power and convenience of your own dedicated server, but without the hassle of running it yourself. We can manage your server for you, for an incredibly low amount per month. You will have no need to hire full time IT staff - we will maintain your server for you, including patches, security hardening, and system monitoring. Contact us for more information.

Want More Information?

If you would like to learn more about our Oregon dedicated servers, or, if you have a custom plan in mind, simply contact us so we can better understand your requirements.


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