Canvas Host Network Service Level Agreement Canvas Host Network Service Level Agreement
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Network SLA and Server Uptime Guarantee

Canvas Host guarantees 100% accessibility for all routing devices and Internet (IP) connections within our network. Customers colocating their own equipment within our network can expect 100% network accessibility to that equipment.

Canvas Host also guarantees 99.9% server uptime for all shared hosting, reseller hosting, and (managed) dedicated servers within our network. This calculates to less than 44 minutes of outages (downtime) per average calendar month. We have a proven 99.99%+ uptime track record (less than 4 minutes per average calendar month) for all cPanel-based shared, reseller, and (managed) dedicated servers we host in our network.

Network Service Level Agreement Remedy

In the event Canvas Host does not meet the terms described in this Service Level Agreement, clients are eligible to apply for a credit equal to one day of service for each hour of time their service is unreachable, rounded to the nearest hour.

All remedied credits will be issued during the following billing cycle.

All eligible requests for credit must be received within 5 business days of the incident in question. All requests for credit must be made in writing (by submitting a ticket through our Support System).

The amount of credit may not exceed the customer's monthly recurring charge.

Network Service Level Agreement Exclusions

Certain scenarios are beyond the control of Canvas Host, and therefore are not considered within the scope of this SLA. These scenarios include:

  • Routine maintenance: Canvas Host may on occasion need to perform maintenance on network hardware, including servers and routing devices. This might include rebooting a server or routing device, or temporarily suspending or restarting a service within a server. Such maintenance is extremely quick and normally does not register as an interruption of service by our monitoring equipment.
  • Prescheduled maintenance: Canvas Host may on occasion need to perform lengthier maintenance on its network hardware. This might involve installing software patches on a server, replacing memory and hard drives on a server, or replacing an entire server or network device. In the event this type of maintenance is required, Canvas Host will pre-notify all customers to be affected by the outage, and if at all possible schedule the maintenance to be performed at the quietiest time of the week (an evening and/or weekend).
  • Malicious attacks: Canvas Host does many things to ensure the security of our network. There may however be certain situations in which an attack aimed at our network (such as DDoS, dedicated denial of service) or other form of disabling activity outside of our control results in network interruption and/or service. In such a case, Canvas Host will do everything possible to stop the attack and/or return the network to normal operating parameters, but we cannot offer a guaranteed resolution time.
  • Malfunction due to customer use: Should a server stop functioning due to custom configurations made by the customer, applications that over-run the server's processing capacity, activity interfering with normal server operations, or which use up the server's available bandwidth and Canvas Host was not responsible for the malfunction(s) or failure(s), Canvas Host will coordinate with the client to assist in the repair or replacement of the equipment, but cannot offer a guaranteed resolution time.
  • Malfunction of colocation property: Should network equipment belonging to a colocation client malfunctions or fail, and Canvas Host was not responsible for the malfunction or failure, Canvas Host will coordinate with the client to assist in the repair or replacement of the equipment, but cannot offer a guaranteed resolution time.


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