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Certified B Corporation

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B Corporations operate on the basis of ethics and transparency. Enforced through legal verbiage in their Articles of Incorporation and Operating Agreement, a B Corporaton’s company management must adhere to principles of ethics, honesty, and integrity in their decision-making processes and activities within the company. We are committed to providing the highest quality service and caring customer support to help our clients achieve their goals, while in doing so promote sustainable causes and encourage others to follow in this path.

The Change We Seek

As a Certified B Corporation, our mission is to utilize our company’s most precious resources – technology and knowledge – and apply them in a way not only to help our business achieve our sustainability goals, but also improve the quality of life for our clients, the environmental impact of their businesses, and bring about greater social and environmental stewardship in the way their businesses are conducted.

By actively promoting and demonstrating our sustainability program, developing newer and more efficient technologies that have a real and positive impact on how our clients operate their businesses, and openly championing environmental responsibility and sustainability in our business community and the larger industry as a whole, we aim to lead others to follow in our path and create measurable, positive change in the world.

Why we became a B Corporation

Canvas Host chose to become a B Corporation for a simple reason: It separates the walkers from the talkers. With greenwashing and misleading tactics running rampant in our industry, the external certification and responsible, legal framework reinforced by becoming a B Corporation are components we immediately supported. As a B Corporation, we can demonstrate transparency in how we operate and credibility in our convictions, which in our industry are hard to come by.